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IYAHI provides Natural Herbal products for healing, health and increased vitality. Herbal remedies refer to medicines that are prepared from plants, roots, barks and berries. At IYAHI our products are concentrates, easily digestible and 100% vegan. They strengthen the body with 100% plant-based ingredients. We prepare small batches of each product to ensure they are enriched with essential nutrients for the human body.

IYAHI is a Natural Herbalist and Herb Wholesale company based in Toronto, Canada. IYAHI was established in 2015.

The Secret to Good Health

is taking a Cleanse.

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IYAHI products are concentrates, easily digestible and 100% vegan.

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Cleanses the blood stream to prevent illnesses. Combats parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Uses/ Good for: Internal bleeding, prevents infection, and aids circulation.

Ingredients: Milk Thistle, Sarsaparilla & Anamu


Helps the brain’s nervous system and glands to rebuild. Also aids the entire cellular system of the brain to regenerate.

Uses/ Good for: Improves cognition, memory and mental growth, helps to clear plaque and inflammation from the brain.
Ingredients: Ginkgo, Burdock & Damiana


Purges the Colon to remove excess waste and toxins. Helps to balance the body’s immunity and leads to greater absorption of nourishment from your food.

Uses/ Good for: Constipation, combats parasites, removal of unmoved food, and circulation.
Ingredients: Cascara, Yellowdock & Dandelion


Assists the removal of metals from the body. Rich in chlorophyll, minerals and vitamins.
Uses/ Good for: Strengthens the immune system, skin & hair growth.
Ingredients: Spirulina & Chlorella


Helps the body to make blood and cleanse the blood stream.
Uses/ Good for: Anemia, increased vitality, replenishing red blood cells, chronic tiredness, and circulation.
Ingredients: Sarsaparilla & Chickweed


Cleanse, protect and remove toxins from the Kidney and Bladder.
Uses/ Good for: Kidney stones

Ingredients: Marshmallow & Cough grass


Cleanse, protect and remove toxins from the Liver and Gallbladder.
Uses/ Good for: Blood cleanse, enlarged liver, and helps with digestion.
Ingredients: Yellow dock & Chamomile


Maintains and strengthens the genitals by boosting the testosterone and sperm count with essential nutrients.
Uses/ Good for: Impotency, erectile dysfunction, and infertility issues.
Ingredients: Damiana, Boisbande & Coppadula


Strengthens the Digestive System with essential minerals and vitamins.
Uses/ Good for: Thyroid, strengthens the immune system, eases digestion.
Ingredients: Irish Sea moss & Bladderwrack


Stimulates bones growth and maintains bone strength.
Uses/ Good for: Soft Bones, Bone Development, Nerves and muscle function, muscles cramps.
Ingredients: Plantain & Seamoss


Provides nourishment for the internal regrowth of organs, nerves and glands.
Uses/ Good for: Recovering from an internal injury, maintaining the strength of the Immune system.
Ingredients: Burdock & Nettle


Nourishes and strengthens the reproductive system. Cleanses and balances the female hormones.
Uses/ Good for: Infertility issues, menstrual cramps, menopause & cysts.
Ingredients: Raspberry, Black Cohosh & Lady’s Mantle


Super foods

everyday in small amounts helps to balance and revive our body’s

natural functions, such as sleep, growth and hormone secretion.

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IYAHI is an excellent source for Alkaline Foods

Herbal Remedies | Bulk Herbs